STS X RJD2 - Escape From Sweet Auburn - Gold 2xLP
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STS X RJD2 - Escape From Sweet Auburn - Gold 2xLP

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Following up from 2015's selt-titled collaboration "STS x RJD2", the dynamic duo of renowned rapper/writer STS and producer RJD2 return with their follow-up LP "Escape From Sweet Auburn". At 14 tracks, the album paces its way through a barrage of clever wordplay, gritty yet melodic beats, and razor sharp scratches. Holding itself to the standards of the most elite rap albums from the 90's to now, the album is refreshingly diverse, and impossibly unique.


1. Miss Me With That Bulls**t
2. Whatchawannado
3. I Excel
4. Goals
5. Life Of The Party(featuring Supastition and Jordan Brown)
6. 1000 Dreams (featuring Jordan Brown)
7. Back To Work(featuring Truck North)
8. I'm Leaving
9. Hold On
10. Been There, Done That(featuring The Catalyst)
11. Let It Bang
12. Bar After Bar
13. Jim Carrey
14. Peloton Don

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